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    Ascend Plumbing offers top-notch residential and commercial plumbing services in Kearny Mesa  and surrounding areas. Our team of licensed technicians is dedicated to providing efficient and reliable solutions for all your plumbing needs, from drainage and water tank cleaning to heating and water damage restoration.

    Ascend Plumbing Drain Cleaning services

    Drain Cleaning

    Ascend Plumbing is your trusted partner for comprehensive drain cleaning services in San Diego, CA. Whether you’re dealing with unpleasant odors, slow drains, or recurring clogs, we are here to provide efficient and reliable solutions.

    hot water tanks replacement & installations

    Hot Water Tanks

    We specialize in efficient and professional installations of electric, natural gas, and propane hot water tanks. We offers tankless water heater installations, ensuring you enjoy on-demand, unlimited hot water.

    gas piping

    Gas Piping

    Your reliable partner for gas piping, repair, and installation services in San Diego, CA. We specialize in new gas line installations, repairs, and seismic valve installations to enhance your home’s safety and efficiency.

    Introduction to the Area

    Kearny Mesa is a bustling commercial and residential area in San Diego, known for its diverse businesses and vibrant Asian cultural influence. The area features a mix of commercial hubs, shopping centers, and residential neighborhoods. Kearny Mesa is famous for its Asian cuisine, with numerous restaurants offering authentic dishes from various cultures. The community is also home to several tech companies and businesses, making it a vital part of San Diego’s economy.

    Introducing Ascend Plumbing to Kearny Mesa

    Ascend Plumbing is proud to serve the Kearny Mesa community, offering comprehensive plumbing services for both residential and commercial properties. Our team understands the unique needs of this dynamic area and is equipped to handle everything from routine maintenance to complex plumbing projects.

    Ascend Plumbing Services

    Why Quality Plumbing is Important

    In Kearny Mesa, reliable plumbing is essential for both homes and businesses. For residential properties, quality plumbing ensures comfort and prevents issues such as leaks and water damage. For businesses, efficient plumbing is crucial to maintaining operations and ensuring customer satisfaction.

    Ensure the reliability and efficiency of your plumbing system in Kearny Mesa with Ascend Plumbing. Whether you’re a homeowner or a business owner, we have the expertise to meet your needs. Contact us today to schedule a service and keep your plumbing in top condition.

    What Clients Are Saying About Ascend Plumbing

    Jason Ford
    Jason Ford
    I've used Ascend on several remodeling projects and they are always on time, courteous and complete the project on time and at the agreed price. Cannot recommend enough!
    Dennis Gangitano
    Dennis Gangitano
    Rafael did an excellent job installing my new hot water tank. It was still under warranty and Home Depot gave me a new tank. He took out the old tank by himself down a flight of stairs and installed the new one that we exchanged......all done in 5 hrs. I'm very pleased with Ascend and they are now my permanent plumbers.
    Jeffrey Shuken
    Jeffrey Shuken
    They were always on time, professional and interested in finding a solution to my problem. By far the Best company I have worked with in many years!!
    Grady Standard
    Grady Standard
    I had Ascend out to replace some very old cast iron drainage piping beneath my house. Randy was responsive even though he was out of town at the time of my call and quickly made a plan for a house visit. After the estimate, he had Rafael come out to complete the work: removing the old piping and replacing them. Rafael was polite, friendly, and knowledgeable. He was patient with my questions and overall took care of everything I needed. I would absolutely use Ascend Plumbing again. They provided great service, at a great value.
    Kevin Heinly
    Kevin Heinly
    Huge shout out to Paublo Gastelum at Ascend Plumbing who did an incredible job at plumbing repair at my house ! His work was impeccable and he kept me up to speed on the progress as the project continued. We had exposed plumbing and gas lines on the roof that needed addressed during my re-roof.
    Larry Onstott
    Larry Onstott
    Responsive and qualified, thank you Omar and Victor.
    Richard Barrera
    Richard Barrera
    Omar from Ascend was incredibly knowledgeable, made great recommendations, fixed our issues quickly and affordably. Thank you Omar and Ascend!
    Caitlin M
    Caitlin M
    Vic was an excellent collaborator helping us fix up our house's funky plumbing. He took the time to understand our needs and priorities, and was very responsive when we had questions throughout the process. Vic and Paublo were a dream team and worked some real magic. We highly recommend Ascend Plumbing!!!
    Tim Baker
    Tim Baker
    Amazing job, zero issues, with professional service. Recommend 10/10
    Krisha Aromin
    Krisha Aromin
    Would absolutely recommend this company! They were so responsive. They sent out a technician almost immediately and he was great! Fixed the issue so quick and my garbage disposal hasn't had an issue since. Even gave me some tips.

    About Kearny Mesa, CA.

    Latitude: 32.8331° N
    Longitude: 117.1430° W
    Population: Approximately 3,500 (Note: Kearny Mesa is primarily a commercial and industrial area with a smaller residential population.)
    Major rivers: None
    Area: 10.3 square miles (26.7 square kilometers)
    Major crops: None (Kearny Mesa is an urban area with limited agricultural activity)
    Major industries: Aerospace, Defense, Information Technology, Retail
    Major educational institutions: Kearny High Educational Complex, Coleman University
    Major tourist attractions: Convoy Street (known for its Asian dining and shopping), Montgomery-Gibbs Executive Airport, San Diego Air & Space Museum Gillespie Field Annex

    About Kearny Mesa, CA, USA.

    Kearny Mesa, located in the central part of San Diego, California, is a vibrant and bustling commercial and industrial area known for its diverse business landscape. Originally developed as an airfield during World War II, Kearny Mesa has since transformed into a hub for aerospace, defense, and information technology industries. The neighborhood is home to several major companies and corporate headquarters, making it a significant contributor to San Diego’s economy. Despite its industrial roots, Kearny Mesa also boasts a variety of retail establishments, from large shopping centers to unique local shops, offering residents and visitors plenty of shopping and dining options.

    In addition to its commercial prowess, Kearny Mesa is famous for its cultural diversity, particularly along Convoy Street, which is renowned for its array of Asian restaurants and markets. This area has become a culinary destination for food enthusiasts seeking authentic Asian cuisine, including Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and Vietnamese dishes. Kearny Mesa also hosts several educational institutions, including the Kearny High Educational Complex and Coleman University. The community’s strategic location, robust infrastructure, and vibrant cultural scene make Kearny Mesa a dynamic and integral part of San Diego’s urban fabric.

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